Monday, February 2, 2009

i bought myself a suit

for the annual celebration of my mad dash out of the womb which was two fridays ago, day after last post. gonna make it through this san diego weekend if it fucking cripples me. started the day off with seeing what kind of dork fest was going on at that moment and then said screw it and took it to the strip club which was, conveniently and not by accident, directly next to freddy and mooses hotel.
i am a little fried right now so i am gonna blaze through this unimportant nonsense. nothing as riveting as reading about someone write about their own birthday. lame.

EVERYTHING in sd is extreme as the blue bag of doritos, even the air conditioning companies. broboarding and surfing were not enough on their own, must be done in unison. also this was parked in the strip club parking lot. extreme lunch break.

who doesnt take pictures of strippers inside the club that are hookin you up with free booze for your bday? i made sure everyone knew, i am crafty like that.

left those two dudes at the hotel and met up with jt to go over to laceys. she had invited us to a swanky private party on the roof of the ivy hotel. she was already there so we got ready together and, after getting really weird with each other, met her down in the heart of the citay. she walked us into a full fledged fiesta in a place we had no business being. good thing we were on total fire and quickly made friends. open bar, nice night, great views...the total package. it was fun, we danced and shit and then started to be too drunk. at least me.


she works for san diego magazine. they were celebrating something or another and for some reason this handsome baseball player was on the newest cover and being the gentleman that i am, didnt want him to be alone so i kicked it with him for a bit.

at one of the many bars, peep that girl on the right. she was a complete stranger at this point...

i think i was starting to make a bit of a scene, in a good way of course.

while i was talking up some stranger, most likely the ceo of the mag or some shit, jt met the girl stranger and somehow convinced her that we were more fun than the whole party. not a difficult task.

some big wig...and a guy in a vest.

some peeps we met up with after the ivy. it is not late right now but in good birthday boy fashion i was looking like roadkill already.

ended up some where for some dancing where jt was charming and i was clearly just being an ass of some kind. whatever, free pass on 1/23. like always a bunch of other shit went undocumented. not only by the camera but by the tape recorder in my brain. kinda sorta...basically all in all a good bday. thanks again lacey for the hospitality. and everyone else down there, a solid whirlwind of smiles.

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