Friday, November 14, 2008

the conclusion.

i have been holding back on doing my last colombia post because, well because it makes me a little sad really. i truly had a kick ass time every second of that trip and i wanted to prolong it in my mind for as long as possible. but alas, the day has come to put up the last of the photos. we end where we began, bogota. i will repeat myself and say that if you have not been down there, you should bounce. as soon as you can, if for some reason you dont have a blast i will take the blame...actually, if you dont have a blast then you are most likely not my friend and therefore are not reading this bag of suck blog.
we took another puddle jumper flight from medellin into bogota on a friday i believe, with departure back to this life scheduled for sunday. dos noches mas. as you will see in the pictures below, we rocked out at some disco the first night. this was after we re-united with thomas at a bar/food establishment in zona rosa and met a bunch of his local peeps. from there it was on, straight to some nightclub thingy and we started dancing to the most random mix of music ever. it was cool though, you know here when you go to that type of place, it is mostly the same shit, there it would go from raggae to rap to tropipop to island shit to colombian balads about pork sausage and butterfly kisses. good times i say.
the night was long but fun and the next day we were whisked away to some podunk town about 30 minutes away with a bunch of college age people who offered to take us to play some games of tejo. greatest. game. ever. will elaborate below, point is that i was weirded out in a car full of young people singing along at the top of their lungs to shit i could never have imagined existed and taken to the greatest sporting activity i have seen this side of shufflepuck. headed back to town after dark and got our aguardiente on at the pad and moved the party to some bars. tried to jump around to see as much shit as we could and eventually ended up at a casino (that didnt serve booze???) until about 5 am when we had to head to the airport. i am too sad just thinking about it to write anymore.

headed back to the palace where our mom was waiting...scared a little, maybe. super rad anyway, fo sheez.

"oh, heeey there buddy!"

early in the night dance tutorial. "no, mateo. es derecho, derecho, izquierda".

thanks one more time thomas, you and your crew is radical in my book!

the dj was spinning the hot colombian beats till the break a break dawn y'all.

you wont believe me but this was the first and only whiskey we drank the entire trip. yummay.

good peeps. lied to us about speaking english in the beginning but they came around and showed us a fun time. thanks friends.

taken on way out. you got mints when you walked into this place. random.

goodnight photo. look at senor drunky pants...take us back to headquarters cabbie.

woke up and got a couple pics of our view.

so this is tejo. look it up. it is amazing and this was someones personal driver who was basically the lebron james of the town. form was impeccable.

i had it fucking pretty good too. look at my team supporting me, we killed it.

so this is how it works. that thing there is filled with this clay like substance where when the stone puck you are throwing is launched well it will stick in the mud. it must stick to be in play. those little triangles are some crazy ass origami shit filled with explosives. no joke. the best shot is one that lands right in the middle of the triangles without hitting any of them, nearly impossible but i think matty did it on his final shot to beat my champion team...after flailing the entire night. i kid, but only a little. anyway, that is worth 5 points, if you hit one of the triangle bombs it fuckin explodes. seriously sounds like hunters point on a hot friday night, gunshots ringing out from everywhere. bad ass. 3 points. if neither of those things happens the closest to the middle gets one point. i cannot explain how fun, like a mix of horseshoes, a gun range and great sex all wrapped into one.

want to know what else was amazing? see those milk crates on the ground? well they were full of beers and everybody had multiple grates by their court. they cost approximately 15 bucks for 30 some beers. utah, gimme two.

this billboard was outside the bar. shit is like baseball in this poor ass towns. HUGE.

back to the palace for some aquardiente. thrasher flavor.

she knows whats up.

pretty flowers on our deck before the last night out. all packed up at this point.

last men standing. casino style, won some cash and bounced out. tear. but not really, look at those smiles. a-damn-dorable.

mexico city airport. that chica was scared of us raging maniacs.

back in my living room. success. i also came home in the same outfit i left in. ahhhh.
thanks again everyone we met, you kick ass. to matty the best travel companion i could have asked for that is not named megan fox and to the whole country for being the fucking shit. get out and crush ass people. next stop? cant wait to find out myself.
have a good weekend my brothers and sisters. the COK out.

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