Tuesday, November 4, 2008

damn blue angels

fleet week is always a good weekend around sf. mostly because it is usually sunny and the rooftop action is crackin. mr clever was in town for the festivities and we hit up a couple parties. didnt take the camera out too much but here we go. blah blah, just check it so i can proceed to halloween. almost caught up on my life...

started at the larkin girls house, their hospitality is always top fuckin notch. mimosas probably and then out and about.

look at the planes! amazing how they fly and all that jazz. so proud of them...

too hot doug and his lady friend showing some much appreciated hospitality and patriotism. this was his roof. needed a dj to complete the party but was fun as hell nonetheless.

clever chris and dan dan the cheerleading man. crushing it. chris brought a full sized, stuffed suitcase to our house. he was there for 48 hours. gotta have the outfits.

couple of blasts from the past. hadnt seen these ladies in a long while.
thats it for airplane weekend, until next year, get those outfits in order...

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