Thursday, November 6, 2008

perfection accomplished.

halloween. what a weird day, not quite as bad as NYE when it comes to expectations and eventual let downs, but it is close. so much talk, so much "house party this" and "shitty bar" that and sometimes i cant help but to be over it before it starts. this year was more of the same, i heard so many "options" without one sounding like a kick in pants good time which is clearly what i was looking for. fuck it i decided, lets get weird and avoid the drunk, hot mess status that is october 31st.
the plan began to develop and it appeared that things were going to work out just hunky dorey. we assembled a small ass crew that was in the same mind frame. dress up, cause that is always fun and nothing new to us seeing as we dress like this about 3 times a month minimum, digest and go laugh with each other. met up at the polk pad for a 40 and small pregame then got after the weirdness. we wandered down the street, music blaring from my gold backpack that i had recently made, and stopped first at the pad of gary and jt. couple of good homies from around the way were in town so we had a drink for a minute until we started to feel hella different and had to bounce that scene.
keep on moving. picked up a few supplies at the corner store and made our way towards aquatic park...saw the entrance to fort mason and hung a hard left into the darkness. this was going to be perfection. first stop was a nice hill where we blared the tunes, did summersaults, danced and laughed and had a generally golden time. then a vision of an amazing tree came into our minds and decided to venture to it. this became base camp for the next 6 hours or so. it was incredible. couple of missions into civilization, more dancing, approximately a million laughs later and we had completed one of the best halloweens of my life. the walk home was hilarious, us in our state and seeing the hoards of whores and bags of douche stumbling around was good for a bunch more chuckles. at the end of the day we were very pleased to have done what we did and especially not being a part of whatever lame marina/polk st activities these messes got into. mission accomplished, 100% success rate. lose yourself.

this was the crew. small you say? exclusive i retort.

party on the left, spaceships on the right.

damn beavers was feelin it.

they like each other more than friends.

i fucking love (and really loved right here) this guy.

great one.

the party/fart machine was on point. city high!

kelly was reaaal proud of the multitasking going on here.

these people ran away, they DID NOT want to party with us, try as we did.

rigged up to get down.

the promised land.

solo dance revolution.

reppin her mag.

fun things.

YEEEEEES! slayer? g n r? cant remember but the shred will live on.

results of one mission to the real world.

santa giving gifts is what he does best.

santas coat, snatched.

i fuckin hated this thing. chip loved it. the bvrs took off to climb a palm tree, fell off and returned with this piece of garbage. luckily chip gave in and threw it over the bay bridge.

this thing needed magic to stick it all out night.

one of the most ridiculously funny parts of the night. nuff said.

santa had been disrobed and found a baby suit underneath. go figure.

beginning of the end. thanks Crew Awesome, i had a blast. part two, the kelly photos coming soon...

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