Tuesday, November 18, 2008

fun things

got all up in some project for mattys work being original bad asses for an ad pitch thing this weekend. they wanted to take some photos and film some stuff of the crew and since we had been planning on heading to santa cruz for a while we combined the two. first we had to handle a joint bday party for fred and moose at some big warehouse. shit was coo. then we cracked it saturday morning and went back to my homeland, the 831. flea market, bbq, beers, beach, bonfires, late night swims and some quality hang out time went down. got to see the folks which was epic and then we cracked it again sunday and hit up the dollar day at golden gate fields. cheered on some fast ass ponies and called it a memorable weekend. fun things for sure. tons more photos on other cameras and stuff but here is what i got when there were things for the getting.

friday evening started off with nam and the ad crew coming over for a tour of my house and an interview. gave me time to have a few cold ones.

big man evs was in town and rocking a new hair accessory. not a new tee shirt though, seen that shit. we hopped in a cab to sallys to walk to the bday fiesta.

this was the cabbie. he no liked me.

took it to saw v's house for a couple drinks and then made the walk.

where chip did things like this?

ya freddy! looks a little partied out here but he wasnt, he was killing. hammer and/or nails was deep on the scene as well. have some more pics of party but nothing too insane and we bounced after not too long...

went back to sallys to drive back to my hood. but not before i made a new friend. ???

met the ad crew in front of martys house in santa cruz. gearing up fools.

took the whole posse to the flea market where there is no longer karaoke. shit was whack but i got to kick it with my long time brother BJ. ya son. got some hipster glasses as well...

some records were purchased. some tecates consumed.

bangin new hat son!

back to the pad for a huge bbq. beer can chickens, steak, sausage, guacamole and the rest of the whole works. not a bad sunset to enjoy either.

straight to the beach and a fire. nick was there killing it as well. love that guy but look at his face closely in the picture above and scared you will become.

seegs took this one of me. i like it.

last stop, the horse track for dollar beers, dollar hot dogs and hella fun.

matt was winning all day.

this little girl had the same shades as sally. i laughed. and looked like a pedophile at same time. small price to pay for HFTU.

"and they're racing!!!"

couple last shots on way out. i had fun. every sunday if you are up for it, holler at me.

oakland loves obama. great tag i felt.

some crappy shots out the car window on way back to city. another success of a weekend. thanks Crew Awesome. most likely more to come on this weekend or something else you most likely dont care about. keep HFTUing your neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

Yo man, just finished the video. It's ill. Thanks for everything again and I'll make sure Matt passes it on soon.