Monday, November 3, 2008


alfaro was up for the weekend a few weeks ago and we went apenuts. standard mission parties then got real weird around the polk street on saturday night. i would love to go into some long explanation of what happened but it is too hard to paint this picture if you were not around. however, i feel the pics are worth a good laugh or two regardless. get creative and write your own story based on these snapshots. it is like a choose your own adventure book but all in your own little creative brains. get some my homies...

this was the saturday of the red bull races or some shit. we drove around trying to park then realized we didnt want to go at all and parked...zeitgeist instead. it was a good call.

some classic bums were slanging some crap on the street. i bought that dagger in his hand. super savage. tried to buy this horse but they had sold it one minute before. the dude wanted nothing to do with alf sitting on it but we persisted and did it anyway, whats he gonna say? he had a freakin sword in his hand.

the bar scene.

wine, nintendo, costume closet. what more could a brother want?

smokin in the boys room.

shit starting to get weird as hell and loving it.

left one group of weirdos inside the house and we ventured out for fun. saw mr. brooks and his girly...that was nice.

came back for a minute to check in and these were the things that were happening. fear and loathing shit.

luke and marty having a deep talk, probably about souls and the nature of man...that or chicks, man.

hahahahaahaaha...oh man, too good. evan pees sitting down.

team sweeticle. another fantastic adventure concluded shortly after this. what happened in your mind altering journey???

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