Tuesday, November 25, 2008

310 posse (or some dum area code)

three of my best dogs from the la area came up to the bay for no apparent reason except for fun and when it all boils down to it, what else is there? so thats what we did and made. nothing too insane, just a weekend that encompassed all the major food groups of good times, dancing, singing, chilling, sight seeing, talking shit to each other and the rest. thanks guys, see you in 2010 when the bullet train is done.


stone to tha bone.

started at the pad of ross for a cold one or two and made our way to a show at the independent. it was some dudes from barcelona, they were pretty sick. enough to dance to anyway...

and the third amigo, diener. the little pervert made an awesome appearance as well.

ally was there. always a delight.

and the polanski bros kick ass shit.

siblings are rad, hey kelly.

ahh, the dance party. we owned.

whole team rolled back to mattys for a beer and discussion on what to do now. short and sweet and to the strip club. now, i love strip clubs but it had literally been months since i had been and these guys were bouty bout it. only lasted about half an hour then i took that fun walk through the tenderloin home.

la dudes are piiiissssed!

team something or another.

got in a cab...with this guy:

who was epic as all hell. so killed it on the dance cab scene.

went to the big w hotel in the morning to pick these asses up and get motivated for outdoors something since it was hell of nice out.

big time joo.

a walk through north beach and what not. on our way to play some bocce. saw this on the way:


bob was there reffing that shit. kindred spirits. good games between ratner and i while diener and stone pooped themselves in the corner.

i ran away for a bit to nap and these guys kicked it at buena vista. re-united at ross' again and it felt so good. back to north beach where we were immediately separated and i went home, only to walk all the way back to bow bow room where i ran into this gypsy and her merry crew of miscreants:

marty, jt, gary and that whole posse was there and we had more fun. walked my ass back through the tunnel to bed.
just want to give a shout out to the sunday tennis team, i dont know why i didnt take any pictures this week but rest assured team party was the overall best.
have a great holiday weekend all the people that read, and are pictured on, this thing. off to denver to shred the parks and bars and old friends. should be a good post when i get back...if.


Ross Borden said...

Damn son. That was a dirty one. Let's do it again. Manana.

mstone said...

I loved every second of that entire trip, except when we werent together. I hated every second of that. FIRE BOMB BABYLON!!!!!!!

EXCUSE I!!!!!!