Thursday, November 13, 2008

sometimes i skate

wish it was more than it is but the darkness has fallen upon SF and that puts a real damper. actually i am just a bum without a bridge. here are a couple of shots from the past couple months:

i am pretty sure this is martys favorite skate spot, he kills it here. presidio rules, hidden treasures everywhere. nice photo conor.

damn bvrs and yours truly did our standard flip tricks into this bank...yawn.

photos of photos. so artsy.

see december issue of Thrasher.

bvrs got the halfcab heel...and a bunch of other shit but this is what you get. ass.

took it to pacifica on a sunny day and the beav dropped right into a good ol 5-0. then shitfoot got in the way.

bvrs gf was killing it! but this kid owned the place:

its a make. dont hate the shades, it was bright as fuck.

went down to hubba on a friday after work for bvrs bday celebration, all he wanted to do was have a tall can at hubba. dont ask, it was sentimental. he brought his A game.

started with the heel flipper.

pop shuvs.

i kinda sorta snuck in the kickflip.

closed the spot with the halfcab. it was kickass. skateboarding is the best thing in the whole wide world and anyone that disputes that can eat it. back with more shit you friends like next week. good weekend to all and to all a good night...but for now, look forward to the horsetrack!