Thursday, December 4, 2008

and friday

then i woke up feeling as fresh as a spring daisy and it was friday. fuckin awesome. so much left; let me partake in some awesomeness, shouldnt i? what to do though, the damn world is my oyster as they say or some other shit or whatever the fuck. anyway, i got up, took this photo of jerry and fred head already killing it at 10am and "thought to myself, what a wonderful world!".

he parties hella.

"hey you silly hawaiian, wanna skate?". "sure you dumb irish mic whore, let me piss first, you dick". or something similar happened, and then we were skating. the end.


what you got on that shiiiiiit silas?!? um, nothing, that is the answer to my question asked to a guy i do not know. bottom line, mahar is better than you at skateboarding. ps. if i have to point out that this is poser of the year status then you suck ass.

hard to tell but this guy was strapped in to his gaystick. only in colorado. i must give dope props where dope props are deserved though, fatty was killing it. is that dave davis lurking? sadly, no. i was bummed.

STOOTS! thrasher legend in the flesh player. ya, i got friends in (mile) high places.

then a few hours of street shredding happened and we met these babes.

if you are not laughing right now, then you were not in denver. end. (baaaahahaahahaahaha)

hey chicks.

hey babe.

hella bromance

then i ran away from that good time to find more fun and look what i found, charles turned evil as fuck. thats not true, he was born evil, it just happened to be his golden birthday.

jealousy is a tough pill to swallow.

the girl above is his ladyfriend. she was pretty epic on account of the fact that everyone above (5 dudes) were acting like 14 year old fucktards. oh, and wizard was there. i had the biggest man crush on that handsome dog ever. legend in the making, or made i should say.

crushed so many beers! dog was life of the party, us dudes = hell of lame. wizard = opposite of our dude party.

"this guy sucks".

man, i wish i was banging out my babe. this party is whaaaaaack.

i agreed so i bounced, solo, again. then i found these dudes.

this guy hated my face, seriously wanted to kill me. i must point out that it was totally my fault, i was way too fired up for this place. just hella excited about the mile high.

chris the bartender was ovs. i think i remember this shit eating grin from 2001. and with that i took myself back to headquarters and look what i found:

dumping white shit from sky. feelin it. by myself again. so happy. and that was my friday. what did you do that was so special???

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