Friday, December 5, 2008

fairwell sweet prince

friday was clearly a blast and i had more high hopes for saturday. the snow was gone and i once again awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed, eager to see what we would get into this fine day. and who we could dance with that had not already been slow danced. we started off the same as the other days with some breakfast at the local joint. bomb. forget what it was called but it ruled. plans developed from there and i was pleased. as i say on High Five Thumbs Up, a picture is worth a thousand amazing memories. with that, you get these. take this shit or leave it. what do i care, i lived it.

bowling? i can see no reason why not. good call sandi

feliz was there. yaya feliz.

sandi fucked fred up. he liked it, fuck yo life!

beers and tomato juice. forget what they call that, firebloodpiss? maybe, no? fuck it.

the ever popular boob grab. always makes girls feel better if they are mad or sad or grumpy or tired or sleepy, trust me players.

ummm, i really like that shirt apparently. really brings out my...eyes?

pretty epic table dont you think?

they "live" together. so the above was crew one of session one of bowlathon. they all bounced us and freddy and i waited for these rad dudes:

franky wit the 8 balls.

and meta sam hines. he bought the shop from freddy and nails and he also films. enjois midget porn as well.

best. worst. tattoo. never. then we went out skating but not before warming up:

by fucking up that mahar character. ohhh, look at that right from sugar ray headlock. thats gonna leave a mark. sam, send me that footy dog!

i got real fired up to kickflip this shit and after a few real good slams i took my shirt off for some unexplainable reason and did it...then hit that crack and fell again. but it was a make. thanks for the photos franky and sam, send me that footy!

hands down the weirdest photo of the trip. after some more skating we went back to amandas and i wanted to take a bath because it seemed like a good idea and because, well i wanted to, am i not allowed to do what i want? anyway, that hawaiian creep came in and took a photo. i didnt fit too well in there and actually this was hilarious.

the dominoes were flowing while i was soaking.

reassembled the crew for the last night in town, met up with maggie. i think this was taken in some fancy ass bar that we had no place being it but meatball was working and the drinks were flowing so who am i to complain? plus, i was on vacation, would have been just as happy anywhere with these peeps.

and seeing as we did not really belong inside the place, maggie, fredlock and i decided to fuck with the cop car parked directly outside of it. shit was running and we seriously considered grand theft cop car but then realized that was just totally stupid.

then we went to some pool hall upstairs of something else and look who i found, grace! only been about 5 years on this one. her man bartends somewhere else in denver but we were too lost and rolling to deep to go so we made her come here. she crushes it.

by the look on her face, i think i might have been choking maggie. sorry, just real excited for my last night.

and this is the last photo from the last night. bummer high. went out with a bang though. went to bed and when i woke up i grabbed my camera to check some of the goods. boy was i fuckin surprised when i found these:

aaahhahahaahahahah. i love this guy so much. haha, he woke up before me and had a solo fashion shoot. yep, he was all alone for this. i nearly pooped in my pants when i saw this shit. jesus h. too good. yet, he still had one more nugget of gold to display to me and the world:

24 karat bitch. i found this on the coffee table before departing to the airport. the first side is a drawing of a stick figure with a safe about to fall on his head (?). i nearly skipped the defecation in my pants and simply cried on this one. the other side, first off, is the scoreboard of the game of dominoes they played. jill, not so good at score keeping, someone has 37 at one point. as you know this is an impossibility. but enough about that, lets talk about some of the things scribbled by freddy: 1)really?!? (with arrows pointing at the score) lets forget this game ever happened. b)only the good die young!!! c)trust no bitch! 4)fuck yo life!!
and with those words of wisdom i leave you my feathered friends. thanks again denver, i had a real real good time. we shall meet again. have a good weekend people, i am taking this one off as it has no chance at comparing to the last one. big ups, crush ass.

forgot one. this is smokey. fred and i saw him from the window freezing his ass off so we brought him a beer and some cookies. goodnight sweet prince.

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