Monday, December 22, 2008

i would wear sweats too if i just got fucked

the headquarters was enlisted to host a party for our good friends lynn and amys bdays, amy escaped the womb on wednesday and lynn exited on the 31st so we met in the middle on friday night. side note and preemptive bday wishes to marty and wildcard who made the 29th their special day. the larkin gals decided on a studio 54 theme for the bash and arrangements were made for madness. the girls did some decorating and the boys did some furniture moving and dj table set up. all that was left to do was wait for the peeps to show up and this went down around 10 pm pst friday the 19th of december in 2008.
shit got started slowly and then picked up to a feverish pace very quickly. now, we have had some pretty fuckin dope parties in the history of this house but this one was up there. perfect amount of people, tunes going all night, booze flowing, the whole shebang. hella dancing and general fun was had with no incidents or too much damage to headquarters.
that about sums it up, if you were there - you are welcome. if you were not - bummin you are. good job girls and boys, even though this was the first party since halloween 07, we clearly still got it. i took these pictures but when the tunes were going good i was dominating the dance floor so tons of shit was missed. more pics from von coming tomorrow. sit tight kiddies and happy holidays.
oh, i also lost my phone so thats that. maybe someone has it? doubtful. fuck it.

the bar was moved to wildcards room for dj purposes. matty and kayvon split duties, thanks asses.

myself and wildcard got dressed early out of excitement. ya, those are rattlesnake boat shoes i am rocking.

matt got down early as well.

larkin house came in hot. fuck ya ladies.

bronzefoote and platinumfoote.

these two big timers tried to sneak attack us but they were not fooling this guy. this was 14 seconds after arrival and evan clearly got naked.

jenjen and sally were feelin it from the get go.

welcome to sf baby. marty still got you beat on the dance floor though.

the bigga figga gearing up to get down.

mira popped her crew awesome cherry, i think she enjoied it.

ab, rosco, wildcard. crushing ass.

brothas from different mothas.

the sisters were killin stuff. kelly & ali

yes! john b was back in my life for a night. if you dont know that dude, your life is not complete. so insane.

most everyone knows this dude but if not, same as above. the headlock came in hot.

tp status.

absolutely adore this man, danny mic all up in the house. jem shirt? nyce 1.

quinn rocking my favorite color.

the moose is loose!

casey showed up, also crushing ass.

these 2 are fun for me to hang out with.

this guy was the talk of the party. nobody for the life of them could figure out where the fuck he came from. i am guessing the douchbag factory downstairs but not sure. look how hard he was creeping! rad, i enjoyed his presence just because it brought weirdness to the fiesta. casey might have invited him? i kid. she looks scared to look to her left.

moose, lauren and shaina were getting weird.

this was laurens first party at the pad as a roommate. she was my favorite person at the party. cussing at people she didnt know, shaking her ass all over the dance floor, just total fuckin good times. MVP.

tanja sighting. she is epic as well. but peep evan, so much fun.

we got loose on the dance floor.

i was getting some angles or something. beats the shit out of me, this is my internet shit though so i can do what i want.

second in MVP voting after lauren.

gangster as fuck on polk st.

core crew members plus the newbie.

happiest couple at the party. talia made an appearance, good to see you young lady.

i am super good at imposing myself in couple moments.

missing the boy in this one, but it was the same status as above.

i cannot emphasize how much he crushes.

luke showed up after his ritzy party. then we got down.

evan purchased that amazing 9ers crew neck for 100 bucks, crazy man.


getting late.

he was the beginning of that place. back south now though. lame.

even later now.

outfit change. real late...and last one before my camera was put away for the night and i climbed into bed with this guy:

good times the whole night. the house party is a lost art these days but we did it up proper status and crushed it. keep your eyes and ears open for the next one, have a sneaking suspicion that it is not far off.
stay tuned for vons photos tomorrow and more HFTU nonsense in the weeks to come. did i mention lil wayne tomorrow? so sick.

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