Monday, December 15, 2008

POTY (Player of the Year)

december 12th seemed to take an eternity to arrive here in sf. been gazing into the future awaiting its arrival for a bunch of months. it is basically my work xmas party, but unlike your work party, TOO $HORT played at mine. so there, take your fancy paychecks and shove em. the scene was set, great american music hall was the location, and we were the party people. decided the best course of action was for crew awesome to meet up at polk headquarters, sip a brew or two and just walk it to the loin from there. this shit went off without a hitch. one of the best parts of the whole evening was our arrival at the venue. people were already lined up for days and being the ballers that we (sally) are we just threw our hands in the air, rallied the bouncers and had them escort us past the crowds and into the beauty that was the hall.
like deja vu all over again, we headed up to the balcony section on the left of the stage and staked our claim on our tables, american pioneer style. now that set up was complete we tended to the open bar situation and prepped our dancing legs to the stylings of the dj man. from here on out the anticipation grew too thick to bear, like a dense fog engulfing us. silas got skater of the year, i was hyped for him. good guy and murdered skateboarding this year. deserved to say the least. jake made the usual speech/spectacle that we all love and then THE introduction happened followed by a whirlwind of madness and great fuckin times. mr. shaw killed it and all had the best time ever.
kind of at a lack for words, which is rare, but basically you just had to be there. it was controlled chaos to the fullest and i enjoyed being all up in that mix. big ups vitellos, you own this shit (both figuratively and literally)! wu tang, too short and lil weezy next week. wow. how was your friday?

polk hotel, hella dudes to start.

semi-prom esq

josh and ronnie on the scene crushing ass.

the walk of fame.

our tables were killin per usual.

jt and amelia party pantsing.

the women of the hour. babes.

of course the headlock was dominating the scene.

as was kelly. a welcome staple of HFTU.

matty was loving it. silas got his own cup. luuuuuckky.

the baby got hungy.

bj made a guest appearance for about 23 minutes, as per usual.

deer in headlights.

a couple of these photos are out of sequence as this was after the party at the afterparty. jt was sober as fuck.

rikki and kelly having a good ol time. as they should be doing.

too short baby coming directly from oakland. he has way more bitches then he will ever need and he shall put that on a big fat bag of marijuana. see below for proof of bitch owning.

this is gold. brian, fred, mahar and chuck. stoney, hyphy, weirdy and gnarly. the dwarves of 2008.

marty likes what he sees.

lauren is big time in hunters point.

crowd was a-buzz jigga.

that guy won, he was hyped and gracious and what not. the guy on the left was out of his ever loving gord and then this happened:

place went bananas with a side of nutzo.

his own world. marty dance cannot be fucked with.

then he brought all the hussies up on stage and treated them like the bitches they were. they were real young and he was real inappropriate. it was hilarious.
then we were out. so sick. nuff said players.
all these people know they had a good weekend because they were on High Five Thumbs Up. run it back son.

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