Tuesday, December 2, 2008

303, the beginning

thanksgiving weekend fuckin ruled. the headlock and i departed on wednesday for some serious fun in the mile high city. i will start by saying that it is a good call by the two dumb shits to always take separate flights. basically i mention this because we made it to denver without incident...but when we got there it was on. we had zero agenda; except for eating, skating a lot, seeing the massive crew, etc etc, which always makes for interesting occurrences and d-town did not disappoint in any way. so many stories that i will just keep you friends posted as this blog post goes, this is part one. first 2 days, wednesday night through thursday night. more like 24 hours really but the days have different names so bite me. plus a shit ton happened.

these two gems greeted us upon arrival. their names are jerry and amanda. and they kick ass as hosts so hit them up whenever you go to denver, regardless if you know them or not.

this is where my friends sleep most the time. rule of the streets is two body lengths between you and your neighbor.

this is charles, or chuck or whatever. it was his birthday, not this day but one of them. more later.

i wish i could remember what was being sung right here. we sang a lot on this trip. look at the passion on mahars face! oh, he is the scummy one in this photo...the one on the far left.

see you soon buddy! you can ruin my life this time around.

so i lost freddy at the end of that dance party. actually my guess is he lost me but that is neither here nor there. what matters is that he ended up sleeping somewhere very uncomfortable (not the back of a volkswagen) and was none too pleased with me. i was very very asleep and my phone on vibrate did not wake me. he tried to call 83 times i believe and left me messages until my shit was full, these messages were not nice. very not nice, but i understood where he was coming from. some text messages accompanied these calls and the pic above is one of them. i know you cant read it but i took a picture so i could remember because i was laughing real hard:
"i fuckin hate you...sleeping in a corner of parking lot downstairs...fuck your turkey, i hope you choke on stuffing". this was received at 230am on thanksgiving morning. hell of a way to start the trip! i am never going on vacation without you again fredlock. that morning i could only think to be thankful for you and you only. even if you felt the opposite. hahaahaha, "fuck your turkey"....hahahah.

mickeys and turkey.

fred got some suggestions from a food network mag.

get hungry!

freds starter place. half his mass.

crushed that foods ass.

view from amandas apartment. thats coors field. fuck the rockies.

chris came over for some hangout session.

after we digested a bit fred and i walked to the bar by ourselves, go fuckin figure but we were on vacation and no moment was to be wasted when we could easily check something randum out. look how packed it was at midnight on thanksgiving. us and the band.

you cant tell here but that white blob of a man in the corner there played trumpet or trombone or some shit in the band, and clearly he was not a fan of his own music because every time he was not playing he was plugging his ears. i pointed and giggled.

this was the bartender. he was the man. this is the last photo of the night, taken after closing time (how we managed to be there after closing? because we rule) and check out fredlocks beer...it is unopened. thats right he gave us beers at 2am on thanksgiving TO GO. so we walked back and had a beer in the streets, someone really should have had their way with us but nothing happened.
thats it for thanksgiving night. just the beginning. i can promise you that. check back soon, or dont, for some more classics. shit got raw.

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Xtina said...

i see you made it to the shag lounge. that place is the only reason why i want to go back to denver. ps give me your wu-tang shirt
pps can u make ur pictures bigger please