Friday, December 12, 2008

as they say

Wu Tang clan is not a group of people to be messed with. or something like that. anywho, we went and we danced and it was hell of fun. those dudes kick the mic 3 ninjas style. hella fools on stage with the og crew. tons of "W"s being thrown all over the place. every race, class and shitbag was represented. i only took a few photos but the whole night was jam packed with fun, as we do. i cant focus right now and i am aware that these are all basically the same shitty photo but skater of the year is tonight. um, todd shaw anyone? utah, make it two. look forward to an epic post about this one...if i can manage to take a photo or two in between the hyphyness that is about to transpire. fuck yo weekend!

"uncle sam want you to speak english". parked in an alley in the loin, curious? i think so.

the blogger i aspire to be, judd and saw v.

shit player, i was sweaty as hell too. damn it feels good to be a gangster.

worst post ever? maybe, but dont discount those other really shitty ones from the past. remember, you can never forget your roots. TOO SHORT BITCHES! out.

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