Monday, October 27, 2008

fest de amor

a month or so ago the SFC held its annual lovefest, this event is just insane. thousands upon thousands of people get together under the veil of love to eat drugs and dress like assholes. count me in. madness i tell you. met up at saw v's house and walked straight into the heart of it all. basically there are a bunch of floats with thousands of people around them dancing to whoever is dj'in on that particular one. it all basically sounded the same to me but i was getting hyped as well. picture halloween for the girls cause it was basically an excuse to dress like a bit of a ho. wandered around for a couple hours until i had lost everyone but chip and bounced my ass out of there. see ya'll next year...

saw v was fired up and put together this hot little number. kelly didnt try so hard, her and i were in the same boat.

chip and i lost in time and love.

the crew feelin the love.

this guy had one too many shots of love joose.

i bought this gem off the street for a 5 spot. it is a sleeping bag for a small child. i chose to rock it as a scarf.

i really appreciated this outfit.

hatefest? weird...

the juxtaposition on this one is glorious.

scouting for some more clients.

everyone loooves the hula hoop. ever seen "the hudsucker proxy"?


peter smolik? chip lurking harder than ever?

who doesnt love butts?

eat one less pill next time homie...

on the way out, looking back into the pit of love. only in sf baby. come get some friends...

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