Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fernando Botero

back to colombia for a second. when we were in medellin one of the highlights was having beers and wondering around during the day. city is dope as hell; architecture, women, crackheads, trannies...basically tons of shit to look at that entertained. at one point we went to the Botero plaza which showcased tons of his unique sculptures that need to be seen to believed. so creative and interesting and simply amazing that he can construct such large figures with hella details and a smoothness that was pure insanity. i took a bunch of pictures so i figured i would fire them all up here right quick. for sure peep it if you make it down there, which you should. cause i said so and this is my shithole domain!

this one is for my big bro ryan orlando kelly. he loooooooooves the trojans. go figure huh?

this last one is my favorite. i put it last so it is the freshest and hypest in your minds...which one like best? lemme know...good times i tell you, good m-fuckin times.

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