Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tennis Partners Galore

we created a sunday tennis league that hasnt really taken off but we have had a few good showings. this set of pics is from my first week and Team Party dominated that shit. Iona and me rule. we are winners is basically what i am trying to say. these tennis courts are the best; full view of city, plenty of other people to annoy with loud music and constant yelling, balls flying all over other peoples courts and nobody cares about beers and insane outfits. perfect cause those are the things we are into. if you are in the area feel free to join anytime, costumes and positive attitude a must muthasuckas!

Team Party getting emotionally and physically focused to crush the competitions ass.

jt and i were having a ball. dancing all around while i was winning and he was cruising the losers bracket all while pissing his tp off...this gal:

she was tryin real hard to catch up to him. impossibility.
this is how we rolled. championship secure, we danced.

the crew was more solid than this but these guys made it till the end. league is still raging so come get some if you think you can step. beeeotch.

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