Tuesday, October 7, 2008

toys, boys and party.

my mom works with a woman from colombia and she had given us the name of her friend in cartagena if we made it there. so we hit him up, thinking he would be a dude in his 30s like she was and we would meet for a drink (or 32) or something mellow. we get a hold of him and he seems real busy, asks us where we are staying and then says that a car will be there at 5 oclock to pick us up??? what the f, we are thinking but what are we gonna say? so we get back from the skate mission and street beers all day and put on the best shit we got and wait...right on time a nice ride pulls up on the little street our hostel is on and we hop in. no clue as to what is in store.
turns out the friend, alberto, is a baller ass baller in town. cartagena is home to the largest port in colombia, dealing with the import and export of over 30% of all goods that come in or go out...AND HE RUNS THAT SHIT. the big big guy on campus. we are escorted by the driver, carlos, through all sorts of random security and into albertos office which is insane. we rap with him for a minute and he asks us if we want the private tour of the whole place. indeed sir, indeed. hop in with his right hand man and he takes us to all the secure areas of this place. it was rad as fuck. i took only a few snapshots but loved every second of it. for sure a once in a lifetime thing for broke american assholes to see...

the man himself. thanks player!

some serious machinery here. the homie was saying that they are one of the most efficient ports in the world due to the insane hardware they are rocking. i wanted to play with this shit real bad. big boys, big toys.

got back to hostel after that and these are the 3 pictures we have? ya, who knows. this was our warmup before one of the most ludicrous nights of my life. we went out from here, met some locals, raged all over the city and ended up at an abandoned hotel watching the sun come up over the water debating whether we were going to be dumped in the ocean for dead or not. so very much happened, better to call us and ask. turns out cartagena peeps loved us and showed us all there was to be seen and then some with no threats of violence!
we had made plans for our best dog, the driver carlos, to pick us up bright and early and take us to some of the sites outside the city that we would have never seen...first stop was this old ass full blown city. more like a fortress...we were haggard as all hell but it was sick anyway. first dudes there for the day and we made our way around the whole place unseen. and that was a good thing cause there was a lot of kissing going on.

the driver. the homie. this photo and the one below were taken at some real famous monastery or something like that. we didnt go inside because of the state of mind we were in. if god was around, he most surely would have struck us down for good.

he took us to the airport from there and we boarded a plane to medellin. i loved this town, we joined forces to have tons of fun and see everything available. go there if you can, it is beautiful as any place i had ever been. much love cartagena! and we were off...mas trouble to get into.

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