Friday, October 24, 2008

hella months previous...

i still have a couple colombia posts left in me but wanted to get some of these photos into the digital album that is my life. these are from the chili cook off a couple months ago at the potrero park. shit, it could have been any damn day though because we did not participate in any of the skating/chili/brodown fest. we brought our own table/bbq/beers/dominoes/friends and had ourselves a nice little saturday if i do say so myself. it is another freakishly nice day out today in the bay and i cant wait to partake in some activities like these come the weekend. as they say, everybodys workin for the weekend.

kelly, saw v, yo, headlock. our crew was killing it.

hands down best shirt ever. he got mad coverage for this one. tnt sighting as well.

hammer and/or nails made a guest appearance. where my shoes at son?

dlbiz and jenjen were rocking.

if it wasnt for fred i was rocking the best shirt. porkchop gets mad bgps! goofy bastard...

the man the myth the legend, p-stone was present. byron and sean (shawn?) owning as well.



fredlock rasta took cooking seriously after being snubbed and ass robbed by the judges the last 2 years. "fuck your chili, i am making steak and corn and hella goods." byron and the beavers agreed.

night night chili bowl and...

fuuuuuck you!

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