Wednesday, October 15, 2008

meda meda jeen y'all!

i am gonna assume that most of you are sick of my colombia trip, but quite frankly i am not and since i am lord and master of this shitshow, here are some more photos. we departed cartagena a hell of a mess and jumped on a little puddle jumper flight to medellin. just enjoy some of the photos, we only had two nights there and thanks to an idiot of a cab driver and haggardness of our bodies, the first night was kind of blown out. the second day we cruised around to hella places in town on their fancy metro line which was dope and saw the sights. then we partied, again. this post sucks a lot more than the actual time spent there. assholes.

view from the cab on way into city. i was hyped.

this sign made me laugh. USA!

so my homie moose over at the good ol street corner distribution has a shop he deals with here in town and he gave me a City shirt to bring to the homies, i carried that damn thing all over the country and eventually, after much turmoil, made it to the shop. it was called frontside and what was rad was their logo was in the Thrasher font. they hooked me up. cool dudes.

we had been waiting for this meal the whole trip, matty fucked his up. i pussied out, had to leave room for the brewfest. pablo escobar ate this every day before we smoked him...bastards.

this guy was freaky, you cant tell anything from this shitty ass photo but he was stuffing all sorts of nails and weird junk up his nose. i was scared.

took the tram up to the library and this crazy part of town. good views, good times. i had a beer.

i loved this movie as a kid, so many boobies!

found this "spot" up there, i had no board with me to kill it but at least the best graf artist in town had been there before me.

hella still livin.

hit the town a little bit. this girl was some 19 year old from scotland and was obsessed with sublime for some reason. i told her that i know the guy who wrote the tune for the song "eben" and that is his name and i worked with him. i think she shit herself a little and asked if she could take a photo so she could tell her friends that i was eben. funny shit.

whirlwind trip and another tiny plane back to bogota for the finale, lets make it a good one matty...dont trip folks, we did.

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george said...

eben sterling would be proud.