Friday, October 24, 2008

john g got hitched

made my way down to sd about a month ago for my good pal john g's wedding. it was a lovely affair. mr tm greg robo picked me up from airport and we had a couple beers then back to vista (?) where he lives with this goat. this goat is amazing. if you know me, you know i love goats a whole lot. i was enamored even. not much else happened. we hit the beach a couple times, fake skated a couple times and had some adult beverages. just trying to get my life posted. assholes.

i mean, c'mon!?! that thing is aaaaamazing.

the scientist and his babe ronnie were there. hella dudes and one chica getting ready in a little hotel room, slamming coronas.

greg and mahar were having the best time ever. mahar couldnt tie his tie so greg straddled him and made it happen. guess you had to be there to laugh.

we looked goooood! cabbie was unimpressed though.


and there he is folks, all married and shit. we danced a lot and good times were had. thanks and congrats johnny boy and ashton!

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