Tuesday, July 8, 2008

quick (acid) flashback

i have not had time in my fun ass schedule to do the follow up to my weekend predictions, but let me tell you this pansies, it was even better than imagined. killed it all weekend and all i can say is mission accomplished you bitch ass holiday weekend. since i have not had time to do that and feel like posting something right now i am going into the not-so-way-back-machine to some classic photos taken at the only place i like in the marina. it is a sushi place and if you cannot figure out which one...then you do not deserve the fun. we party here a lot because the people that run the show are a kick in the ass good time and treat us amazing, probably because we rule as a posse. i will say there are waaay to many of the employees and the crew that goes there missing in this and i don't know why but fuck it, here is what i have. thanks ___! classic shit here:

carrie was waiting on this table while we were on our way in. one of the playas threw a HF to her and she responded with a TU, then the guy proceeds to ask her if she knows me. turns out to be the bros, pretty funny shit. group TUs are the gift that keeps on giving.

roku is the fuckin man. he crushes so much ass. he and chip give us the pussy lick while bj cuddles his drunk ass to shoulder sleep, sweet dreams scumbag.

roku's sister aaaa---keee---oooohh!!! she is a total babe and super sweeticle. she hates me right now cause my antics last trip were a bit a much to much for her. she runs the show there and tends to get into serious arguments with herself on whether to kiss me or kill me. i am ok with either.

big smiles all the time from tatatatalia (said in the way they announce the cheerleaders in beginning of bring it on) and me TUing nicely while i am behind the bar for some reason. she feeds us sake and stellas. nice one.

cuddle photo one. coupled with chip doing his best dr. zoidberg impression from futurama and bj doing an impression of himself, cannibalism steez.

we look happy and drunk, well chip mostly. my shirt has no sleeves so i could not take the hoodie off.

random outsiders gettin in where they fittin in.

last but not least, here is another well executed group HFTU but this time it is with the owner of said establishment. he was okey dokey with us dominating the jukebox, slamming sake all over the place and HFs with customers. come to think of it he was encouraging it. big ups to all the rest of the staff and crew, you know who you are. thanks again ___!!!

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