Tuesday, July 15, 2008

skank plank

damn bvrs and i managed to get a couple skating photos recently so i figured i might as well throw em up, like your hands when told to by someone who will never know you. not much to say at the moment so just look at the craptastic pictures portraying the opposite of shredding. actually, just skip over this one. check back tomorrow, this one is just so i can look back in about 13 or 14 umm, months and remember when i could walk somewhat normally.

old trip to portland, random ass park in the fuckin cuts. i played skate with couple homies and got last place. mom would be proud.

same trip but in washington state, this was a huge concrete park but fred found the road less traveled and was killin. we harassed these kids for hours and it was a great time, i was making them do tricks i wanted to do to show me that they were easy. they weren't.

had to include this picture because it has put a smile on my face every single damn time i have ever looked at it. just a few hours before being escorted off plane home. this chick was ech ohh tee - HOT! posted a little write up of the whole weekend HERE, if you are even more bored than you would have to be to read this crap i write.

dumb as shit nosepick with a knife in my hand...c/o marty the one man party.

found this wall to drop thingy in the presidio, it was a pretty good hop to get over that wall but chip's photography is just a step or two behind ansel adams so it be hard to tell.

although mine does look better than bvrs. thanks for that chip. fuck you bvrs!

first night i had my camera, bvrs with a heelflip snapperific at fort mason.

quite possibly the funniest damn picture ever. this is some serious brodoggin. hahahahahahaha, beanies and no shirts. gold. i can't stop laughing right now...if you know these dudes you should be doing the same...hahaha, look at those faces! assholes!

after the photo shoot of douche we took it to the little wallrider. kind of in love with these things at the moment. prob go there in a couple hours to do the same thing basically over and over and be totally ok with it...what's it to you pricks?

bvrs took a pole jam to fakie, kind of, but more dope. i call this one the blast, as in finger.

basically the same photo as above but lay off me, this is for my recollection.

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