Thursday, July 17, 2008

bail early on fridays

it only seems fair, keep my fine ass pent up in this office for 40 hours or more a week? ish don't think so bitches...38 is when i max the fuck out. dragged matty out of his office around 330 or so last friday and it was glorious outside so straight to our girl sally at kennedys for arrogant bastards and shots next door. damn did we meet some bad ass muthers and crushed ass so to speak. our lives most definitely do not suck, still.

this guy so so epic that words cannot describe, captain jim is what we called him. he had apparently just got a check for 5 k for some reason or another, i wasn't asking any questions because he took a liking to our crew and proceeded to buy us booze all afternoon. also, he whipped out his little backpack thing that is supposed to hold water or some shit, you know those things? i think they are meant for hiking or sumthin but all i ever saw them used for was beer in colorado on the way to fooseball games that i never stayed past the marshmallow fights at. anywho, he took out a satchel and dumped out all these doubloon looking pirate coins and claimed they were worth 14 grand. doubtful, but i laughed my cute little behind off and took the patron shot he bought. o captain my captain!

then there was this kooky little bastard. so sad looking, and i don't blame him. he was on the opposite scale of radness as captain jim.

as we were leaving these bros rolled up on a bike with a full stereo system attached to it. seriously, it was like that 2pac show i went to back in the day, rip my man. impromptu dance party with matt, rourke and evan. prepare yourself for gold:

did you catch that jump by huntington? baaahhahahaah! luvs you matty...

once i caught my breath from the hysterics i was in after watching the dance revolution of the future we went to evans and costumes came out immediately. mack from super troopers and a modern day karate kid.

dance fiesta made it to living room. i guess this is dancing, could be perceived as foreplay to some (i think i recognize that move that evan is doing, not as the crane from karate kid, but from this discovery channel special i saw on the mating habits of new zealand bush pigs). some being me cause i saw what happened later...close your eyes and picture it. got it? ya, pretty sweet huh?

heidi was there stealing shades all over the place. thrash on thrasher.

i was taking a piss and these guys walked in, i think they were looking to umm...get on each other, high school house party style. might as well take a picture.

evan couldn't handle the passion and passed out on the spot. lucky for matt i was there to take care of business. mack down bitches! i think we rallied to do some more dancing but this is the conclusion to my photog steez. good day as usual with the gang.

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