Wednesday, July 16, 2008

marty party...kinda

day after the pier adventure below mr. machado and the other mr. machado that lives there made the mistake of inviting us all over for a nice little bbq. i think it was for jenjen's younger sister who was in town but she bailed pretty quick, most likely out of terror, and we started thrashin about a little. did not take too many photos but we were killin, thats fo sho. i just lied to you, really we had a few beers while the brothers machado made some chronic fixins, danced around for a second then went home. whatever, scroll rapidly downward till end and tell me how much you are bored with me in the comments section. please no calls.
by far the only relevant photo posted here, chef bear gettin his. he made lots of good food, i really like q'ing. very american summer, not wet hot american summer, but good nonetheless.
niles used to hate me, so much in fact that he once bit my ankle and my face in a one hour time frame. we squashed it beverly hills 90210 style and now we are hella bros. david silver is an inspiration to all high school nerds to be cool in college, god i hated those assholes. look dude, i can tell you had no friends back in iowa, no big.
evan glued this to his face which prompted a move to marty's studio/garage and tunes got turned 11.
matty and evan getting gay for kids.
text move moves by lynn and evan. they shut it down and we went home. thanks to the half breed brothers and budweiser. you sell out beer piece of shit, how do these shareholders think it is ok to sell BUDWEISER to foreigners? blows my fuckin mind. dicks.


Jenny-poo said...

I really love your niles love, and your blog, it makes me laugh. Sorry, I'm not witty and/or funny, only by accident sometimes - I will just stick to honest sincerity. BTW my little sis had to go home early to wake up early for her surprise engagement... SURPRISE!!!

Jenny-poo said...

delete that, so gay