Tuesday, July 22, 2008


my partners in crime out in the hunter's point, city skateboards, premiered their new flick on friday night down in the mission. title is What the Fuck is a Bachinsky? a shitshow was in the making, hella peeps from all over converged on the event and it was good times had by all. always fun to get the whole crew together for a wasteoid convention of rad.

took a cab down to the docs clock for some pre-game shuffleboard. which i might as well mention was dominated by evan and i. took the reigning champs down, then some other nerds who were actually nice, then started in on our friends. nobody was safe from the domination. i digress though, this guy was our driver. the seat belt ringer started freaking out in the cab, i was in the front seat so i thought it was me but i looked at him and he wasn't wearing his either. i kind of blankly stared at him until it got awkward and he slyly told me it was mine. i called bullshit on him and said we were both guilty. then he showed me his awesome creation to keep the bell from going off. cabby 1, conor 0. he also had about 3 smokes on our 12 minute drive. legend.

after dominating the court headed outside to see what the haps was cause it was getting loud out there. strobe lights in effect and the crowd was getting thick. i am aware that this picture sucks hella ass but don't hold your breath for a good one, more shittyness to come.

city team on stage during the shit. love those dudes.

the house was packed. full zoo status, way past fire code i am sure. i posted up in the back by the bar to peep the vid. it was killer.

hustle jamie was in the house. you know, hustlin. no biggie.

thrasher warehouse was keeping things tight as fuk up in that place. byron parties. sf homie for life.

this is the man of the hour. dave bachinsky, vid was named after him and he did not disappoint. killed it good and is down as fuck at the same time. thanks for a good time city and dave. try not to blow it from here on out!

headed to another bar for some dancing. not sure why i took this photo in the first place but it had gold hidden in the lining. matty full on dance party by himself, look at that move. that is some 2010 shit, way over my head. and then there is the one man party, marty. your guess is as good as mine on that shit. he looks as confused as i am now looking at this.

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