Friday, July 11, 2008

232nd B-Day America...FUCK YA

it has taken me one solid week to collect some of the awesomeness that was my 4th weekend. and, per usual, i only captured about 1/1000th of it all because i was way to fuckin busy having fun and being rad to take pictures. but don't get me wrong, i got some freakin gold. and anyone that was with me that weekend knows what went down but please don't tell my mom. she gets scared at the level in which we partake in good times. she is a damn saint though and if anyone says different i will fire you off the golden gate bridge so fast you will poop your pants before i let go of you.
it is friday again right now and i am so excited for this weekend for no reason except that evan "the sand man" sanderson is back in my life and i want to hug him hella. i have been such a good boy all week, just shredding the gnar on the shredstick and jocking it up on the hoops court. time has come for a frosty beverage. i am devising a plan to get out of work right now as i blog during my lunch. too excited to eat. you all be safe again this weekend, much love to all 14 of you. thats right, i have faith that my readers have nearly doubled over the last week or so. hella popular.

some poor douche was walking around handing out stickers or some other dumb shit for some dumb movie and we made him take our picture and then told him life sucked a LOT more than ours. kennedys to start the afternoon.

now a lot happened between the above picture and this one but apparently they get pissed the fuck off when you take pictures of, umm how do you say, women of the night? get the point, ass.

freddy! i asked him to hit a triple and score lincecum and then guess what happened? obviously, fucko.

middle finger up player.

chip found some stray garlic fries left from the day before i am guessing but you think he is scared? he got this kid to climb under the bleachers like damn spiderman and deliver the goods. his dad thought chip wanted to be more than friends with him...then i really creeped him out by taking this:

but seriously this kids dad loved the shit out of us. we had the whole section cheering. then i was on the big screen dancing my face off, killing it pretty much. no big deal.

whatevs. boring.

broke these about 10 minutes later, that was pair about 48. rip.

i love this picture for some reason. bvrs and i walked back to the pad from the park while matty and chip ditched us and took a limo. we made up though...or maybe i slit his fuckin throat right after this. your guess is as good as mine.

so this is finally the 4th. porkchop brought this home from paris or some dumb shit. i was much more concerned with the xl screwdriver i made. we were sharing just like our forefathers.


american as lamb and tuna fish.

some shit happened then we went to the ross pad for the fiesta and jams. greeted ben and becky at the door. hey ben, remember that basketball league we are in together? well just so you know it started almost 3 weeks ago. fyi.

weird and then cute. i like the juxtaposition. i think i used that word right...?

couple o babes that date a couple o dude babes that i know.

the ever elusive kieran mc...and johnny boy in the middle. he makes it to the games, ben. i kid i kid. dis kru for life.

i swear i know these chicks, i didn't google image search or lurk myspace. swear.

i like this one for a few reasons. mostly the lurking in the background and the total hideousness that is chip at this exact moment in time.

late night krew. i was out with only this documentation but i am ok with that. kieran and chip found some big bike tires and rolled them into cars down green st at about 4 am or so. then we all slept on the couch together, when i woke up sitting up on the couch and kieran had left me and i have not heard from him since. i don't know what i did to deserve being loved and left but, kieran please just call, please.

and i am out. much love my brothers and sisters...

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