Wednesday, July 23, 2008

believe it or not...

this guy can ollie. ya, so what it is the simplest of all tricks but it the damn foundation for the pain i have endured for about 15 years straight now. i am not so much proud or overjoyed, but mostly mildly content because damn bvrs didn't make this one. haha, one for me fuckers!

big ups player! if you have to tweak it, by all means do.

this one looks like a k/f or maybe an ollie north, god i have not used that term in 12 years, but in actuality it is just another monster ollie over that fuckin stump in my way. this thing was actually kind of tricky, have to swerve into it from sidewalk and there is a real weird and crappy bump about 4 inches before the gap part starts. all of you rippers in sf who want a piece, it is next to those red ledges on pine street around pac heights.
so ends the most boring and self centered post of my career. but, like i have said before, i put this shit up so i can remember somewhere down the line. maybe you 17 people are just being a little selfish. ever thought about that? take a second to stop thinking about your wants and your needs and think about someone else? that someone should be me cause i think about all of you all the rest of the time. i am gonna go have a good cry, that rant really took a turn for the weird. peace out.

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