Monday, July 28, 2008

my weekend was hella better than yours

went camping at lake don pedro this past weekend, ya i had never heard of it either but it was fucking epic. huge lake, good peeps, beers, bbq, fires, tunes, sing-a-longs, bob, adventure, fishing, jumping, hot as fuck and strippers. ok, lied about the strippers but overall i cannot really think of a way to talk about a camping trip that makes it sound as great as it was so i am just gonna put some pictures here for your eyes to look at. this is day one for that ass, leave SF around 330 until friday at chronological order:

hit the bridge and caught a view of the tall ship festivities. cracked beer #4.

the driver and leader of the expedition to the center of the sun heat, mr. john brassfield.

co-pilot and mediocre dj for first half of drive, lorieann.

backseat partner in getting weird, luke hamann.

sweetest dude ever, me.

team photo, crack beer #7.

this was gold, was dancing my heart out to some rad tune when i look over and see this middle age woman staring and laughing. i roll down window and show her some moves, she counters with the spread eagle pussy lick maneuver which caught me off guard but nonetheless made us all giggle in schoolgirl amusement. look closely at photo.

stopped for a smoke and saw a little bunny! ya bunnies!

tharrr she blows matey. THE don.

as the sun falls, we arrive with a new form of heat. crack beer #11.

peace out playa

crack beer #14 and walk into camp, set up and start the fire. micaila, matt, julie and la posting up to get down.

the brass dawned the light and made sure the boat was all good.

ld showing off the 17 beers in his belly

smoke on the water, fire in the sky.

did not take long for the high five thumbs up word to spread and get represented.

this is mr. jimdad. he was amazing but kind of hated me. more on that in saturday post.

last crew photo before midnight, beers number ?, curtis and paul in top left. trust me on this one, night did not end here but this post does. check back tomorrow for the next installment. how was your friday at the bars???

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