Monday, July 14, 2008

THE pier

love aquatic park pier, been going there for a few years now to partake in several activities of fun. mostly crab fishing, regular fishing and skating. decided to mission it out there last week after work for all of the above and a couple beers as well. it was a glorious evening and night and i had fun. got a good little crew down there to shred and took just a couple photos.
i hate mondays...about as much as i enjoyed this wednesday or thursday, whichever it was. weekend goodness coming soon.
chip caught this huge halibut on one of his first casts. it was huge but wiggled away as we were trying to use the crab net to get it in. bummer but sweet anyway. terrible pic but...
then he caught this mutherfucker. pretty amazing until i held it and it attacked me with its damn tail. it sliced me pretty good and then i chucked it back to swim another day. hatred towards him though.
hahaah, standard gold from the chip man. he liked it out there, first timer...
baby was there killing it. she was stalking seagulls like nobody's business and sniffing some other dog ass as well. ya baby!
caught a bunch of these sea dinosaurs. weird ass mothers.
this photo turned out remarkably well. the gg bridge leading to hell, the sun taking the rest of the day off and a lone bird and boat lurking. eat your heart out "insert real photographers name here".


Punkgrrl25 said...

Wow, love that last picture. Very awesome.

Burt Destruction said...

Those sea monsters are intimidating. Reminds me of the time that I battled a giant squid with my bare hands on a floating barca lounger.