Wednesday, July 2, 2008

self absorbed asshole

while i did not personally make the amazing wooden sculpture of myself pictured below, i was begging for it to be sculpted to my natural greek god format. and i think that damn bvrs did a pretty good job. my johnson region could have been blown out a bit more but hey, he don't know me THAT well. he is an amazing arteest and these photos were taken on a very nice afternoon/evening at fort mason where his masters art show was shown (?). great start to what ended up being a really fun night of house partying, dance partying and kissy face partying. if you have not seen my likeness at my home, feel free to stop by and be photographed with me, hence ensuring yourself a place in the glorious history that is, well me. enjoy the show shitheads!

the walk down was super duper rad. we rolled deep and stopped for a couple flicks at the edge of the world. pretty pretty SF.

carrie and jenjen got theirs. ya, bitches.

i am pretty sure that is jt and i getting loose on an Xtreme hella HF. plus it is nice to look at. my hops are mad superior.

this is the uber talented creator of the masterpiece. thanks roommate, check him in a recent Thrasher...he got 2 pages all about how damn bvrs baddass he is.

creepy chris calculates the karma conceived in this creepy, kooky and conceited stare.

jt brings the heat with the most aggressive of all HF variations, the hitler. not recommended for the amateur, good thing he has fully obtained pro-ho status.

player playin.

she got some.

as did she. elementary but nicely done and showed a lot of love and sincerity. i appreciate that.

leave it to the other artist to be cynical and different. heart him hella though.

this is david, he don't be living her no more but i still cannot reveal his true identity. he got a wood statue too, while he is slamming beer which is sick i still prefer my bad ass one. so fuck you buddy.

self centered, maybe. immortalized, fuck ya.

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