Friday, July 25, 2008


here are a few more select photos from last weekend. i must have just had stupid moments where i felt the need to take a picture because these are not particularly great by any means so i suppose that shows my judgement on when there is a photo opp. grade = C- at best. whatever, that's passing and i am ok with that.

jesus H. the main man here needed an outfit for work so he went to goodwill and found this gem. he has been rocking it super hard since then. old women that come into his work think he "is very very handsome". i concur.

my attempt at some cool looking photo. ya, i know i kind of flailed it but i still enjoi it, not as much as i enjoi shufflepuck in the first place though. so, draw your own conclusion on that shit.

we put chips shirt on baby. she was pulling it waaaay harder than he does. what a sexy little empty staring bitch. if you have ever met her you know that look in the second photo. she will literally stare directly through your soul for hours. seriously, you cannot win a staring contest with her. even when taking photos of her she just looks and looks and looks. i am now 0 - 847 in staring contests. i am not giving in though woman, see you at the house.

went into that place in the marina that i like and hooked roku up with these kicks (thanks to a lifemate of mine, wink wink porge). he loved them more than he loves...well, you get the point. or maybe you don't but those of you that do are laughing right now. i heart this guy so much. he is the most entertaining and confusing text messenger of all times. seriously, takes me 40 minutes to decipher what the fuck he is saying. i even took out my decoder ring from those lucky charms i had last week and alas...nothing. appreciate the effort though. HFTU roku.

here is some more of the crew of said establishment. i am glad i got this photo so they can be recognized and praised on the street for being so ripping. haha, who the hell am i kidding, they consist of over half of the people that read this drivel.

went to this block party thing at 111 minna on sunday. it was weird but awesome at the same time. this was after luke and i whooped up on jae and matty in golf. where's my money bitches??? anyway, these chicks were there as well. it was sponsored by dewars, free scotch on a sunday. note to world, rename sunday scotch day...the lord's day my ass.

bizarro kayvon was there. i was following this "person" around like a weirdo trying to take a picture but i was in damn hysterics the whole time so it was near impossible. still not sure of the gender but if you don't know kayvon, find him then laugh with me.

this chick was there.

i took this after the minna thing. have no clue what kind of magic i thought i was going to be capturing, but i would say mission failed. "maybe if i turn the camera at a 45 degree angle these buildings will look hella sick"...(enter fart key noise here).

off to the lake for some mellow fishing and sunning and beers and probably some yahtzee if anyone has the courage to come at me with their weak ass bullshit. have a fun and safe weekend homies.

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Xtina said...

oh my. i never look at this blog, but the one time i do it was worth it....this post... nuff sed (<---im trying to catch up to ur abbreviations)
oh man.