Friday, July 18, 2008

and finally saturday

after the weirdness of friday day drink session we decided to run it back on saturday. more fun in the sun and bed before dark. if i had to choose i would pick day fiestaing over night in a heartbeat. matt slept at ross' pad and they woke me up early because ross lives up the road and more importantly they are assholes. borden dropped us at matt's and went to go pick up his sisters from the gay north bay. we were told to get bbq fixings because ross is very scary when he is hungry and he was very hungry. stole porkchop's car while he was still sleeping and took it to the store for a full chicken to be beer canned and some snausages for a warm up. oh, and an 18 pack of naty ice, thats right bitches we took that shit back to 98 suckers. set up the table for a little one on one beer die match waiting for the crew to reassemble. we were very similar to the blues brothers, not only were we putting the band back together but we were on a mission from god. which is weird cause i swear that dude hates me but apparently he has a lot of compassion or sumthin.

matt is so bummed because i just put that little die right in his cup for about the 6th time that game. me = laughing, him = burnout. bottoms up nerd.
this is what porkchop came outside wearing??? for serious? absolutely insane.
ross showed back up just in time to eat and brought his sisters along. they are priceless. so gangster. i have some video he shot of them dancing up on that landing pad thing but can't load it now. everyone hold their breath until i do. seriously, you will lose your shit.
clara and lucy just being too epic, so epic that they do not even realize it. not to mention ross is the best brother ever, these young ladies are gonna rule even harder than they do now. check the outfits! going rock climbing after nutrition, savage.
benson showed up, walked downstairs, found an open chair, went back to bed. what a shitbag. when i get home i am going to kick him square in the ballsack. trust me, he deserves it. if not for this pussy showing then for last night when i ollied over and into this gnar quarter pipe and he had a camera in his hand but chose to pull the thong out of his bum instead of take a photo. you are gonna get it benson!
luke brought his A game though, so much better than you, rourke. by the way this pose is textbook, classic hamann. remember those stairs in the background from a post a while ago?
after the feast and beer die we headed over to dolores, aka dyke beach, to meet these babes. colorado friends from the back in the day files. carried over to sf where we still impress each other with our sheer dopeness for the shred. nice ass morris!
the boys took over the sumo ring. there was a huge line of people waiting to do this, keep in mind you were supposed to have one round, someone falls down and you take the shit off and go kick rocks. oh no no no, not our posse. this battle was more like the 30 years war than the gulf conflict. lasted forever and there was this poor little cute girl trying to run the show and she was getting ignored like the red headed stepchild she probably was. i think memories swelled up in her and then she ran to the corner to find her dolls and have a good cry. sorry girly...not really.
on our way out this super grumpy ass bum dude asked me for a smoke. after my trademark move of saying "i don't smoke" with a cig in my mouth, i told him i would trade him a smoke for a smile. this is what i got. i was pleased and so was he, it was a win win if you will. the barter system is great.

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